CP600-eCo is a cost-effective automation control panel that is fully compatible with ABB’s current CP600 range of
panels. It provides an impressive set of selected features in a slimmed-down enclosure.


Control panels CP600

Versatile Visualization for Productivity with Design – the CP600 range is dedicated for machines and systems requiring visualization performance or representative design. The CP600-WEB range offers the same robustness and design like CP600, while the visualization is based on the web server of the AC500 PLC platform. This can provide cost advantages.

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CP600 series

Operator Panels (HMI) CP600 series: new HMI from ABB Communication between the user and the process Human Machine Interfaces ABB operator panels can be distinguished from their competitors by their easy functionality, making comprehensive operational information for production plants and machines available at a single touch. This enables an operator to intervene manually at any…