AC500-eCo PLC

AC500-eCo PLC

Change for more

Modern PLC solutions need to deliver the power where it is needed, when it is needed, while ensuring the project stays on schedule and within budget. It truly is time to change – for more.

More memory
The AC500-eCo offers you more memory than anycomparable system on the market today.

128 kBuser memory makes program optimization obsolete.

More programming comfort
The AC500-eCo saves you time and money by
featuring thetried and tested

CoDeSys programmingenvironment across the entire AC500 range.

More speedProgram processing time 0.1 µs/instruction
provides the performance your application needs.
More flexibility
All analog inputs on CPU PM564 can be configured
as digitalinputs to allow for individual customer solutions.

More communication
Communication is the key to success for most modern PLC solutions. As you would expect from the renowned AC500 family, the AC500-eCo comes
with onboard Ethernet.More ScalabilityOffered with an outstanding array of features to deliver even better scalability and flexibilityAC500-eCo PLC_tg1More Scalability

Offered with an outstanding array of features to deliver even better scalability and flexibility


More Communication

Developed with a comprehensive range of communication options.




More Integration

Designed to integrate seamlessly into the broader AC500 family.




How can you get MORE fast facts on the AC500-eCo?






ABB AC500-eCo_TG

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More Options
The AC500-eCo offers everything you’ve come to expect from a modern PLC platform – accessories not excluded: A broad set of accessories rounds off the many benefits of our compact line. Covering everything from a comprehensive software and visualization package, to programming cables and terminal blocks, ABB’s AC500-eCo offers a host of accessories that gives you the power to implement your application economically and in time.Customer-friendly application support
Our local sales organizations are always available
and will be happy to advise you prior to your order.Your advantages at a glance:
– Versatility
– Customer-friendly application support
– Only pay for what you actually use

More Programming Comfort

Delivered with an impressive set of powerful programming features.




More Options

A broad set of accessories rounds off the many benefits of the compact line.


ABB PLC AC500-eCo_CPU_TG_2 200x200



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