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ABB industrial drives
ACS800, single drives 0.55 to 5600 kW

Industrial drives

Our industrial drives provide scalable motor control from standard to demanding applications for a wide range of industries, especially in the process industries such as pulp and paper, metals, mining, cement, power, chemical, oil and gas. The drives are packed with advanced drive technology developed by our engineers and are capable of tackling even the most demanding requirements. A wide voltage and power range with various drive configurations and options enable one drive platform to be used for all needs.

The industrial drives are available as single drives, multidrives and drive modules.


Manual Inverter ABB ACS800

ACS800 Pump Control Application Program 7.2, Firmware Manual
ACS800-37 list of hyperlinks to all manuals
ACS800-37 Hardware Manual
ACS800 Standard Control Program 7.x, Firmware Manual
ACS800-07, -17 and -37 bypass connection option description
ACS800-07/U7/17/37 Cabinet Options Description
ACS800 Adaptive Program for Standard Control Program, Application Guide
ACS800 RSYC-01 Synchronizing Unit User’s Manual


ABB industrial drives

   ABB industrial drives

ABB industrial drives are designed for industrial
applications, and especially for applications in
processindustries such as the pulp & paper, metals, mining,cement, power, chemical, and oil & gas.
ABB industrialdrives are available both as complete
AC drives and asmodules to meet the requirements
of the users, OEMsand system integrators. These
drives are highly flexible AC drives that can be configured to meet the precise needs of industrial applications, and hence order-based configuration
is an integral part of the offering. The complete
drives and drive modules cover a wide range of
powers and voltages, including industrial voltages
up to 690 V. ABB industrial drives come with a wide range of built-in options. A key feature of these
drives is programmability, which makes adaptation
to different applications easy.

   Industrial design

ABB industrial drives are designed with current
ratings to be used in industrial environment for applications requiring high overloadability. The heart
of the drive is DTC, direct torque control, that
provides high performance and significant benefits:
e.g. accurate static and dynamic speed and torque control, high starting torque and long motor cables. Built-in driveoptions make the installation work
fast and easy. Therobust enclosures and cabinets,
with a wide rangeof enclosure classes, as well as
power terminals, aredesigned for harsh

One of the most significant design criteria of ABB
industrial drives has been the long lifetime. Wearing
parts such as fans and capacitors have been selected
accordingly. This means-together with extensive
protection features-excellent reliability in the
demanding industrial market.

Cabinet-built low harmonic drives, ACS800-37

The ACS800-37 cabinet-built drive is a low harmonic solution in the power range of 37 kW up to 2700 kW. It offers a unique harmonics solution that is incorporated into the drive.

Like other cabinet-built single drives, it has a wide range of standardized configurations and is available with IP21, IP22, IP42, IP54 and IP54R protection degrees. Application engineering services can be offered when customization

is needed. A wide range of built-in options is available

and application engineering services can be offered when customization is needed.


   Single drives

The single drive configuration contains a rectifier,
DClink and an inverter in one single AC drive unit.

The single drives are complete AC drives that can be
installed without any additional cabinet or enclosure.
The single drives are available as wall-mounted,
free-standing and cabinet-built constructions. The
protection degree of the single drives is at least IP21, and higher protection degrees are available as
an option.

   Type code

This is the unique reference number that clearly
identifies your drive by construction, power rating
voltage and selected options. By type code you can
specify your drives from the wide range of available
options, customer specific ones are added to the type conde using the corresponding + code.

   Functional safety

The ABB functional safety solution complies with the
requirements of the new European Union machinery
directive 2006/42/EC. This directive is associated
with standards like IEC 62061 (Safety Integrity Level) and ISO 13849-1 (Performance Level), which require both a documented and proven safety performance and lifecycle approach to safety. Safe
torque-off is a certified solution offering SIL2 and PLD (Cat.3) safety levels.

ABB drives can be provided, as an option, with
the safe torque-off function. Safe torque-off can be
used for the prevention of unexpected start-up and
represents a cost-effective and certified solution for
basic safety. Other safety functions include Safe Stop 1 (SS1) and Safely-Limited Speed (SLS), which
can be used to achieve SIL2 or PL d (Cat.3) safety


ABB industrial drives

   Wall-mountde drives,ACS800-1

The wall-mounted drive, ACS800-1 offers all that you
need up to 200 kW. All important features and options
are built inside the drive: line choke, EMC filter, brake
chopper etc. The user gets everything in a single and
complete IP21 or IP55 package. Still the drives is also
extremely small. A wide range of software alternatives
makes this drive suitable for any application.

   Cabinet-built low harmonic drives,    ACS800-37

The ACS800-37 cabinet-built drive is a low harmonic
solution in the power range of 37 kW up to 2700 kW.
It offers a unique harmonics solution that is incorporated into the drive. Like other cabinet-buit single drives, it has a wide range of standardized
configurations and is available with IP21, IP22, IP42, IP54 and IP54R protection degrees.

 Accessories for ACS800-37
− Analogue and digital I/O extension modules
− ATEX approved motor protection
− Braking chopper and resistor
− Cabinet heater
− Customer terminal block
− du/dt filters (in frame sizes R6-R8i)
− Earth fault monitoring for unearthed network
− EMC filter for 1st environment, restricted distribution
according to EN 61800-3 (category C2)
− Fieldbus modules
− IP22, IP42, IP54 or IP54R protection degrees
− Marine construction
− Output for motor fan
− Pulse encoder interface module
− Safe torque-off (STO)
− Safely-limited speed (SLS)
− Top entry and exit of cables
− 1 or 2 thermistor relays
− 3.5 or 8 Pt100 relays
− Emergency stop categories 0 or 1
− UL or CSA certified design

 Plus tailor made accessories through ABB’s application


   Free-standing drives, ACS800-02

The free-standing drive, ACS800-02 is a new
innovative bookshel enclosure. The power ratings
start form 45 kW and to up to 560 kW. The ACS800
-02 is available in an extremely compact IP21
enclosure and uniquely offers two mounting directio-
ns. It also offers a wide range of built-in options
inclu-ding EMC filters, brake choppers, line apparatus such as fuse switch and contactor.



   Cabinet-built liquid-cooled low    harmonic drives, ACS800-37

The ACS800-37LC is a cabinet-built liquid-cooled low
harmonic drive and therfore offers a solution for
bothlow harmonic needs and harsh ambient conditions.Liquid cooling removes 98% of the heat generated, so the totally enclosed cabinet requires no additional air conditioning. With a power range from 55 to 5200 kW, this drive meets the requirement of many applications. It is especially suitable for use in the marine sector.

Cabinet-built low harmonic drives
ACS800-37, up to 2700 kW

Easy low harmonic solution
ABB’s low harmonic drives offer an easy low harmonic
solution incorporated in the drive. The solution to overcome harmonic issues simply comes with the drive without the need for additional filtering equipment or complicated multi-pulse
transformer arrangements.

Beats external solutions
When compared to multi-pulse transformer solutions, the ACS800-37 does not require a dedicated transformer and thus is simpler in terms of cabling arrangements and requires less floor space. Harmonic performance is better than with
12- and 18-pulse solutions, handling online imbalance or other shortcomings in the supply network. Passive or active external filtering devices are avoided with the ACS800-37, making the solution compact and simple. Another advantage of the ACS800-37 is that it always operates with power factor 1.

Extensive range of features
In line with other ACS800 cabinet-built drives, the ACS800-37 offers a wide variety of standardized configurations to adapt to different application requirements. It has an extensive range of built-in features and accessories. The smart module concept enables easy maintenance and redundancy in the
high power range.

Main standard features
− Compact design
− IP21 protection degree
− Active supply unit
− Built-in low harmonic filter
− EMC filter for 2nd environment, unrestricted distribution
according to EN 61800-3 (option in frame size R6)
(category C3)
− Main switch with aR fuses (in frame sizes R6-R8i)
− Line contactor (in frame sizes R7i-R8i, option in frame size R6)
− Removable air circuit breaker (in frame sizes n×R8i)
− du/dt filters (standard in frame sizes n×R8i)
− Common mode filters for motor protection
(in frame sizes R7i-n×R8i)
− Coated boards
− Extensive, programmable I/O
− Long lifetime cooling fan and capacitors
− Inputs galvanically isolated
− I/O and fieldbus extension slots inside
− Alphanumeric multilingual control panel with a startup
assistant feature

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