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AC500 products family update_tgcontrol3
AC500 New PM595 Controller system characteristics

The AC500 New PM595 Controller is the Flagship of the AC500 platform.
According our design parameters the AC500 PM595 Controller is scalable, flexible
and efficient as the whole AC500 range.

With the new AC500 CPU PM595 ABB is launching a new core for machinery control applications. The built in high performing processor surrounded with a large memory offers the needed easiness, security and reliability to adapt the automation solution to new upcoming challenges.

A variety of connectivity capabilities, integrated safety and utilizability even under rough environment provide valuable
benefits to machine builders for their automation tasks.

AC500 New PM595

AC500 CPUs2. CPU with integrated connectivity and terCPU with integrated connectivity and terminal baseS500-eCo I/O module5. S500-eCo I/O moduleSD-card6. SD-card

Battery7. Battery

1. AC500 CPUs can be locally expanded with up to 10 I/O modules (Standard S500 and S500-eCo I/O modules can be mixed).

Communication module_tgcontrol

3. Communication module
Up to 2 modules in numerous

combinations to communicate
with nearly everything

S500 Terminal unit

4. S500 Terminal unit

S500 I/O module

5. S500 I/O module

Pluggable marker holder for I/O modules with template (Word format)8. Pluggable marker holder for I/O modules with template (Word format)



1. AC500-eCo Central Processing Unit (CPU)
– Different memory options
– Integrated communication option.

3. Terminal blocks
– Three types of pluggable terminal blocks available.

2. S500-eCo I/O Modules
– Up to 10 expansions
– Decentralized extension available.

AC500 and AC500-XC

1. Terminal Base
– Same for all AC500 CPU types
– For 1, 2 or 4 communication modules
– With serial interfaces.

3. AC500 Central Processing Unit (CPU)
– Different performance, memory, network, operating
conditions options
– Integrated communication.

5. Terminal units
– Up to 10 terminal units
– Decentralized extension available.

2. Communication Modules
– For PROFIBUS DP®, Ethernet, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT® CANopen® or PROFINET® IO
– Up to 4 pluggable.

4. S500 I/O Modules
– Up to 10 expansions
– Decentralized extension available.

AC500 products family
Functional Safety
AC500-S Safety PLC is the answer for complex machine safety applications that need the highest level of reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

Hence this safety PLC is aimed at protecting people, machines
or processes, environment and investment. An ideal choice of safety PLC that is well suited for wind turbine, crane, hoist and robot applications.



1. Safety CPU


2. S500 Safety I/O module


3. Safety terminal unit

AC500 products family
Extreme conditions

PLC AC500-XC for extreme conditions to be used indoor and outdoor.
Ruggedized variants of AC500 for those fighting with the elements.

Hence this PLC AC500-XC is aimed to be reliable, functional
and operational even under rough environmental conditions.

















1.  Terminal base              2. Extreme conditions communication module            3. Extreme conditions CPU

PLC_AC500-XC_tgcontrol24. Extreme conditionsCPU with integrated connectivity and terminal base    5. Extreme conditions 6S500 terminal unit6. Extreme conditions S500 I/O module

AC500 products family
CP600 series

ABB control panels can be distinguished from their competitors by their easy yet comprehensive functionality, making clear and easy to understand tailor made operational information for production plants and machines available at a single touch. CP600 control panels make machine operation efficient, predictable and user-friendly.




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Drives, Servo Drives, Motion Controllers new

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