Productivity: clear and simple

Productivity: clear and simple
Low in cost, rich in features

CP600-eCo is a cost-effective automation control panel
that is fully compatible with ABB’s current CP600 range of
panels. It provides an impressive set of selected features in a
slimmed-down enclosure. The panel opens new opportunities
for product differentiation to machine builders and system
integrators wishing to give their customers a choice between
product variants with different features and pricing.


Economical, robust and slim

The strong and light plastic housing is front protected to IP66, making it totally safe to water exposure from any direction.
When mounted within a cubicle it has a depth of just 29 mm, which, together with side mounted connectors, makes installation into compact spaces easy. The rear panel, intended to be covered by the machine enclosure, is protected
to IP20. The panel can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation.









Bright screen with high resolution

The panel provides effective display of information including alarm management, schedulers, recipes, trends, data acquisition and user management. With a bright and high resolution screen available in 4.3”, 7” and 10.1” – the three most widely used sizes globally – the CP600-eCo features high performance connectivity to PLC, machinery and motion controllers, together with rapid programming.

Simple integration

The CP600-eCo automation control panel is designed to integrate with ABB’s programmable logic controller (PLC) series, the AC500 range, via Ethernet or serial communications. The HMI is included within ABB Automation Builder and is part of the Panel Builder 600 engineering platform, ensuring easy integration and good scalability. The platform provides easy and intuitive creation of HMI applications, based on the rich set of widgets integrated within Panel Builder 600 Basic. The CP600-eCo panel can also be integrated with a wider range of automation equipment such as machinery drives and motion control drives.

Powerful software

The software platform offers graphical editors for easy design of HMI applications with attractive vector graphic elements. Tags can be imported from AC500 programs into Panel Builder 600 Basic to build a tailor-made automation solution. Numerous configuration options are available for all HMI elements, which can be complemented by JavaScript. The innovative software enables quick design of user-friendly HMI applications.

CP600-eCo range

CP600-eCo_tgcontrol_5Easy connectivity

Ethernet at 10/100 Mbit offers a standardized interface,
plus relevant drivers for easy connection to a PLC or other
ABB automation packages such as machinery and motion
control drives. Flexible serial connectivity is achieved through
serial interface RS-232/-485/-422 software, configurable for
interfacing with ABB automation components without Ethernet.
A USB port enables easy backup and system updates.

CP600-eCo range

CP600-eCo range_tgcontrol

Easy product scalability: Comparison of CP600-eCo and CP600

Comparison of CP600-eCo and CP600 tgcontrol


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