Tango G4 LED Flood

LED Flood light  (โคมไฟแอลอีดี ฟลัดไลท์ สปอร์ตไลท์)

Sport and Area Floodlight / BVP431/432 /433 (Tango G4)
The flood Tango light That brightens your world

Tango G4 LED Flood

Philips Tango G4 LED Floodlight is the 4th generation of the Tango Led Family. A new range of lighting that delivers higher efficacy and has an optimised windage area, with less weight thanks to its technical desing. this product is the ideal solution for a wide range of area and recreational sports lighting applications. lt incorporates  the latest LED light source, one-piece optical system, heat sink and driver into a compact and robust housing that meets globally recognised safety standards. lts specially-designed heat sink incorporates aesthetics and functionality to ensure  excellent reliability. Powered by LED technology, Tango G4 LED floodlights deliver superior performance and a longer lifetime, bringing area lighting to a whole new level.


  • Saves 10% more energy than Tango G3
  • Covers a wide range of applications
  • Optimised design: 23% less weight and 35% less windage area (size) than Tango Gen3
  • Create a brighter, energetic and safer environment
  • Robust and reliable design.


  • Higher system efficacy with typical 140 lm/W
  • Full range of lumen packages to cover multiple flood, area and sports lighting applications.
  • Multiple optic options for flexible lighting design
  • High-quality ADC1 diecast aluminium housing and steel bracket.
  • High reliability: housing tested to ISO 9227 Salt Spray Fog Standard (small and medium housing 500 hours, large housing 1,000 hours)
  • Overall luminaire is rated for IP66 and IK08 protection.
  • 10kV or 15kV surge-protection device


  • General flood lighting
  • Large industrial areas/Car park areas
  • Hoarding
  • Airport apron
  • Ports and container yards
  • Building facades
  • Transportation terminals and motorways
  • Recreational sports stadium

Warnings and Safety

  • please pay attention to the mounting instructions
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